[Chocolate Banana] Muffins

It’s time for another Taste of Home recipe!  For my 2nd recipe of the week I decided to make some muffins, both because they’re a quick breakfast when for a late wakeup and because they earn me bonus points with my coworkers.  Since I’m a huge banana fan, I decided on banana muffins, and because I think bananas and chocolate are pretty much made for each other (oranges, raspberries, and strawberries were all pretty  much made for chocolate too, despite what all those fruit & chocolate naysayers may think), I decided to add a bit of dark chocolate to the mix.

The thing that I didn’t really realize when initially making the recipe is that you end up with a ton of leftover dry muffin mix, which is awesome, because then all you need to do is store that in a gallon size zip lock and you’re good to go for the next batch of muffins!  I’m planning on making some apple-cinnamon-oatmeal muffins in the near future…

Here is the recipe (which is for plain muffin mix, as well as additional “add ons” for banana, blueberry, cranberry-pecan, and other assorted muffins), and here are my notes:

  • I swore I had baking powder at home, just like the recipe calls for, but it turned out all I had was baking soda.  I poked around online to see if baking soda could be substituted for baking powder and the conflicting info I managed to track down told me that baking powder could be subbed for baking soda if you used 3x as much, so by that logic I figured I could sub 1 tbsp baking soda for 3tbsp baking powder.  Having never made this recipe before I can’t tell you what difference it made in taste or leavening, but the muffins turned out very moist and dense and tasty, so this didn’t seem to pose any problems.
  • I used 1.5 c. of banana and if I do the recipe again (I will), I’ll use 2-3 c. of banana.
  • Because Trader Joe’s does not sell chocolate chips (I found this out only after walking ten minutes in the snow just to get this specific item) I ended up buying a 1 lb. dark chocolate bar.  I used a cheese grater to get fine shavings and poured about 1.5 c. into the recipe.

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