Five-Treasure Fried Rice

My favorite item on the menu of any Chinese restaurant?  Fried rice, hands down, every time.  Some make it better than others (I hate it when it has a coat of oil so thick I can feel it coating my insides) and it’s a little bit boring in comparison to other items on the menu (Peking Duck or Crispy Sliced Fish Szechuan Style both sound more impressive), but it’s filling and usually delicious.  So when I was picking recipes for the week and found a recipe for fried rice I knew I couldn’t pass it up.  The best part about this recipe is that it’s so adaptable to whatever you want to do with it — substitute vegetables, add more vegetables, change the meat, etc.  Plus, it’s easy to change up quantity so you can have enough for one dinner or several days, and due to some of the changes I made to it, it’s a complete meal (carbs, protein, and of course a little fat) so you could just eat it all day long and not have to worry you were missing out on something!

Here is the recipe (which I found in my Fine Cooking One-Pot Meals edition magazine) and here are my changes:

  • I wanted to make a lot so that it would last me as an easy lunch/dinner option all week, so I upped a lot of the quantities (1 package frozen shelled edamame, 1 package petite white corn kernels, 6 scallions, 3 tbs. ginger, 4 cloves of garlic, 4 large eggs).  
  • I also changed up the “rice” bit — I had 1 c. (uncooked) brown rice and 2 c. (uncooked) quinoa.  After I cooked the rice I cooked the quinoa in a separate pot (since it takes slightly less time) and then mixed them together.  This changed the texture of the dish to make it a bit fluffier, plus quinoa is a whole protein, so if you wanted to make the meal vegetarian friendly and leave out the meat you’d still be good to go!
  • I don’t particularly care for soy sauce so I used Teriyaki sauce; I don’t like Canadian bacon so I used regular American bacon (9 slices), which I cooked in the oven.  Not sure if that’s a well known method or not, but I was having trouble making perfect crispy bacon for the longest time and when I looked it up online I found out that the secret is to put it on a baking sheet covered in tin foil, in an oven set at 350 degrees, usually for 15-20 minutes (depending on how crispy you want it).  

I cannot get enough of this rice!  I had it for dinner last night, then for lunch AND dinner tonight!  It’s delicious!  I even bought some fortune cookies from the grocery store to go with it and I have one (or two) each time I have a bowl.  It’s a sweet, cheap, and small dessert to finish the meal on and there’s always a fun surprise inside!

4 thoughts on “Five-Treasure Fried Rice

    • It’s so good. I thought I’d made too much (because I added the two extra cups of quinoa, forgetting how much rice and quinoa “puff up” when they’re cooked) but now I’m almost out. I think this is my favorite recipe so far.

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