In the Name of Love

“The most powerful symptom of love is a tenderness which becomes at times almost insupportable.” — Victor Hugo

Because the big V-Day is this week I want to dedicate the whole week to real love, instead of just a single day based around giving and getting, like a pink and red version of Christmas.  How best to accomplish this?  I don’t know.  I think every day will be different.  Today, I made a treat (to be shared in a later post) to celebrate a coworker’s birthday on Tuesday (yes, his birthday is Valentines Day), I picked out a menu for my own V-Day night with my boyfriend and let him choose the dessert, I watched romantic comedies all day on TV, including the end of You’ve Got Mail, my all time favorite romantic comedy (my all time favorite romantic movie is An Affair to Remember), and I signed up to write love letters for The World Needs More Love Letters, so here’s to hoping they send me a bundle!  And of course, I played with my babies:

As for my goals, I’ve been doing okay.  I’ve been consistent with the blog and the recipes, and doing my 20 min. cleans about every other day, although I’m still struggling with the writing and exercise goals.  It’s so easy to push them to the back of my to do list and then end up at 9:00 thinking it’s too late.  I swear though, as soon as I finish this blog post I’m going to do some serious working out with my Gaiam ball.  I only have five weeks until Spring Break and one more quarter after that until summer, so I’m already counting down the days until I get a little free time to catch up on things.  I’m trying to remember though, that I have six hours in a day after work and two before if I get up on time, and that is more than enough to stay caught up, if not totally sane!

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