Asparagus Gratin (melt in your mouth asparagus)

“Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness.”  — Oliver Wendall Holmes

In keeping with the idea of creating simple meals in order to offset our Valentine’s Day Feast, for my third recipe of the week I chose Asparagus Gratin.  Not only was it simple but it is now going to be my favorite way to make asparagus, and will probably be in stiff competition with the bruschetta as “most repeated recipe”.

You can find the recipe here and I’ll leave you with a couple of notes and some pictures:

  • I wanted to experiment a little and so instead of Monterey Jack I used a mix of Rembrandt cheese, Parmesan, and Muenster cheese for the sauce, which I think turned out fabulously.  You should definitely try some Rembrandt cheese if you haven’t — in addition to having a delightful flavor it looks pretty too.  

  • I was cooking for myself so I cut the asparagus in half (from 2 lb to 1 lb), but left the rest of the ingredients the same.  I literally ended up eating an entire pound of asparagus just now this was so good.  Not even kidding.

2 thoughts on “Asparagus Gratin (melt in your mouth asparagus)

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