Ultimate Godiva Day Part 1: Lopez Island*

If you don’t know what Godiva Day is, see my earlier post here.  Because there would be far too much to describe, I’m limiting word count and letting the pictures speak for themselves.  This was a truly decadent weekend filled with amazing food, a gorgeous home, an island getaway, a five star hotel, fashion, shopping, and fun.

This first post is of Friday, the night before we left, and Saturday, which was the day we took the ferry from Anacortes to Lopez Island.  We were so grateful to be able to get away, truly away, for a day where we experienced an amazing breakfast in Bellingham and some delicious home cooking on Lopez.  I haven’t slept that good in ages — it was so serenely quiet and totally dark it was unlike anywhere I’ve ever been.

Because we stayed at someone’s house (which was truly gorgeous — we all agreed that if money were no issue we’d buy it in a heartbeat) and I don’t want to invade their privacy I’ll refrain from posting pictures of the inside of the home, however I will let you see some of the beautiful views we experienced, and of course the food.


Thai House (Bellingham)
Thai House (Bellingham)
Thai House (Bellingham)


Avellino (Bellingham)
On Lopez Island
Raspberry Framboise
The View From The House
Lasagna & Salad

*This post has been pre-dated because, of course, I was predisposed on Sunday evening.


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