Beef Crostini with Pesto Mayonnaise & Horchata

These two recipes don’t necessarily go together the way I usually like to pair on the blog (seafood & seafood, etc.) but I made them simultaneously over the course of an hour and a half and then devoured them together during the following 20 minutes, so I thought I’d share them together as well.

The Beef Crostini recipe I found in my Betty Crocker Best Recipes 2012 magazine and you can find it online here.

  • Since I’ve started this recipe kick I’ve been determined to use only the best ingredients whenever possible.  So I have always gotten my cuts of meat and seafood from the counter, rather than the meat section.  This was no exception.  It’s a little bit pricier (my choice beef tenderloin was around $18/lb) but definitely worth it.

  • I used kosher salt, because everything I’ve been reading lately has convinced me it’s better than regular table salt.  I will admit it’s much prettier when you sprinkle it on the meat.

  • The recipe calls for basil pesto, which I found in a toothpaste like tube, and either mayonnaise or salad dressing.  We only ever have Miracle Whip in our fridge, because I rarely use either Miracle Whip or mayonnaise and my boyfriend prefers Miracle Whip.  I ended up actually using a combination of basil pesto, Miracle Whip, and honey mustard dressing.  I think this turned out amazing.  I actually wasn’t sure from the strong smell if it would be, and the first taste of it by itself only convinced me that it was passable.  But if you eat the crostini as a whole, with one big bite of bread, beef, and the sauce, you will most likely agree it is a delightful little snack.
I made the Horchata while the beef was in the oven and finished it off while the baguette slices were getting crispy.  It was pretty fun (though loud) to grind the rice up to powder in the blender and the end result was a delicious, light, dessert-y drink that I’ll be making again this weekend.  This recipe came from my Signature Tastes of Bellingham cookbook, and more specifically from Diego’s Mexican Grill.
It calls for:
1c. uncooked white rice
1/4 c. almond meal
1/2 tbsp. ground cinnamon
6 c. water (divided)
1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
1/2 c. sugar
(1) Put rice in a blender and grind to a powder.
  (2) Add in the other dried ingredients and blend again.
(3) Add the first 2 c. of water to the dry ingredients and blend again until fully mixed.
(4) Dampen the cheesecloth, fold it so it is a few layers thick, then place over a pitcher.
Pour the mix into the pitcher then squeeze through the cheesecloth.
(Be careful when you squeeze it through that it doesn’t squirt back up through the top.
Also, I rinsed my cheese cloth out every so often to keep the ingredients from forming a thick paste.)
(5) Add the remaining water to the pitcher, along with the vanilla and sugar.
Stir until everything is totally combined.
(6) Cover and refrigerate, serving over ice in a tall glass.
*It should have the consistency and look of milk/almond milk.
It’s supposed to be sweet so you can adjust sugar as desired.

3 thoughts on “Beef Crostini with Pesto Mayonnaise & Horchata

  1. Hey just a pesto tip! If you love using pesto, Costco has a great deal on it. It comes in a large jar, but you can spoon it into an ice cube tray and freeze it for use one tablespoon at a time….lasts for months and tastes great every time!

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