Preparation Part 2: The Final Countdown

So in the last week of finalizing my trip I’ve managed to accomplish quite a bit:

  • I finished up my classes (Earth Science final, Pride & Prejudice essay, and an essay for Advanced Composition).
  • I got a haircut.
  • I bought a few more things for the trip: a dress, an adaptor, sandals, etc.
  • I cleaned the entire apartment, room by room.
  • I budgeted.
  • I got stitches for a knife cut to the index finger and then got them taken out (today!).
  • I set up my bills for while I’m away, put services on hold (like the gym), canceled some subscriptions, and made sure the vet knew that my boyfriend would be in charge of the pets for two months.
  • I made a list of important addresses in the U.S. (for postcards) and Florence (for my friends & family to keep track of me).
  • I wrote some thank you cards to the professors who wrote me my letters of recommendation.

Now that I’ve clock out from work for the last time and I’m getting ready to go to bed for the last time in the U.S., I’m beginning to feel the first pangs of, “Oh my gosh this is really happening!”  I’ve never been out of the country before (unless you count Canada) and so this is a huge deal, not just because I’ll be leaving but because of how long I’ll be gone.  I’m going to have to adapt to a new culture, a new language, and a new time zone (hello 8 hour time difference).  I’m scared, nervous, excited, and hopeful all at once.  I’ll admit that I hope it will be something like Eat, Pray, Love or  Under the Tuscan Sun — I love the idea of having a totally life changing adventure!  I’ll miss my best friends, my boyfriend, my family, and my pets, but I’m looking forward to this…  A break from work, from routine, from expectations.

With that, I’m going to finish up the last of my to do list and head to bed.  Italy, here I come!


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