Italy: Day Trip to Siena & San Gimignano

For the first of our day trip activities we headed to Siena and San Gimignano with the groups from California and Maryland.  There were some beautiful views and we were able to go to the church that Saint Catherine attended and which now has her head and thumb on display, as well as their duomo and some great shopping (I’ll get to the shopping in another post).



The floors of the Duomo in Siena were amazing artwork in themselves.


The ceilings were magnificent.  The colors are so amazing and vibrant, it’s hard to look away!


My favorite part was the library.  It was amazing to see these texts that were hundreds (nearly a thousand) years old.  The artwork was exquisite.



It was a very sunny day and we met up by the fountain in the area where they hold the Palio horse races.


The view of San Gimignano.  This is what I have always imagined Tuscany would look like.



Later that evening we went to see a group perform Gregorian Chants at Santa Croce.  They were beautiful to listen to, though perhaps a bit too soothing…  This was interesting too because it wasn’t a “tourist” thing.  The artwork from inside was beautiful.


Of course, these weren’t the only photos I got 🙂  I just chose the best.  The rest I’ll put up on my flickr later.


3 thoughts on “Italy: Day Trip to Siena & San Gimignano

  1. Gorgeous! Italy values and preserves art. I loved that photo of the book in the library too. What a treat it is to see art and architechture of that high level and being able to experience all of Italy!

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