Italy: When I Haven’t Been Eating Out

Since I’m a student on a budget I haven’t (unfortunately) been able to eat out every time I’ve been hungry. Going to the grocery store in Italy is a bit of an experience unto itself (they don’t have large shopping carts, but their handheld carts convert into something like rolling luggage; we realized that there is a reason corporations put pictures of food on the package; you actuallyneed to bring your own reuseable bags, because plastic bags are both flimsy and something that you are charged for if you want to use them; they are on to serving the next person the second they finish with you so you have to hustle to bag your groceries lest you hold up the line; you aren’t supposed to touch the fruit — they have plastic gloves for that; etc.). Here are the three main meals I’ve been surviving off of at home (besides the weirdly delicious milky yogurt and cereal thing that seems to be so popular here).

Sandwiches for Breakfast


Since I often have to take my breakfast to go when I have class I found that the easiest thing to make was a sandwich. This one is pretty simple, kind of like most of the Italian sandwiches at the self-serve shops: bread, dijon mustard (their sandwiches actually usually don’t have any kind of dressing on them), brie, and prosciutto.

Seafood & Mushroom Spaghetti


I’ve never been a big pasta fan but now I think that’s probably because the pasta in the states sucks. I went to the grocery store and picked up some freshly made spaghetti, cooked the noodles and then threw in some frozen clams. When the noodles and the clams were done I left them in the strainer and cooked up some mushrooms in oil in the pot. Then I added some pasta sauce and the noodles and clams. Sprinkled on some parmesan cheese and it was delizioso.

Asparagus Salad


I think my favorite meal thus far has been the asparagus salad. I heated up some asparagus and mushrooms in olive oil and salt, and while that was happening I laid out some arugula and tomatoes on a plate. Laid them all out together and sprinkled some parmesan on top. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.


One thought on “Italy: When I Haven’t Been Eating Out

  1. Are you kidding? These look like they came from restaurants! I can’t believe how well you’re eating at home! I’m so happy!

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