Italy: Buona Pasqua

This morning we headed down to the Duomo for the Scoppio del Carro (explosion of the cart). We caught the end of the procession just before the cart was led to the Duomo by oxen and men dressed in medieval costume. click here for a video
Of course, this was the one day that it decided to rain more than ten minutes, so we stood in the rain for nearly an hour waiting for them to set up the cart. Umbrellas bloomed like crazy and completely blocked our view until the church bells rang at 11 a.m. and there were shouts to close them. 20120408-163823.jpg
This picture is post-explosion but click here for the entire ten minute production. 20120408-163834.jpg
Afterwards we went to an American style diner for breakfast and then home where I had some Easter dessert. 20120408-163845.jpg
We didn’t get one of the giant chocolate Easter eggs that are on display in all the windows but I’m hoping they go on sale come Tuesday. Supposedly, they contain a surprise inside…



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