Italy: The Academy

This weekend (especially Saturday) was really rainy so I spent most of my time indoors. On Sunday I decided to venture out to The Academy since I hadn’t been yet. I was underwhelmed by the paintings (of course they were beautiful — but after the Uffizi and all of the churches we’ve been to, “Madonna and Child” no longer has quite the same impact it once did) but the statues were amazing. There was one entire room that was filled with busts and statues all sitting next to each other.

The best part was the hallway feauturing Michelangelo’s unfinished works, at the end of which stands David. The way they are set up is very cool, because you get to see his process, and David is all alone in a domed room that lets in sunlight all around the statue, so it is very impressive.  The part I was most struck by were his hands and feet, which were massive.  It really was amazing to see something so renowned in person.



There was also a section of the museum dedicated to musical instruments through the ages which was pretty interesting and they have an audio setup so you can hear the music of the Medici and Lorraine dyansties.


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